Concrete Services

Concrete offers exceptional durability to any structure.

AllPaving offers a variety of different concrete projects including concrete parking lot curbs, slabs, ramps, sidewalks, staircases, and parking lots.

All of our concrete services are guaranteed to provide excellent durability and appearance.


Concrete Curbing

Most commonly seen around parking lots and roadways, concrete curbing is essential to most lot designs. There are several different types of curbing that include extruded curbs, modified high border curbing, valley gutter curbing, and header curbing.

Curbing is essential for separating areas of a site and can also help to encourage proper drainage that can help extend the life of your pavement if constructed properly.

Concrete curbing is easily constructed and simply requires experience and good planning. Added strength and durability is achieved in some cases by inserting a steel cable, fiber mesh, or rebar during the construction process.

Concrete Slabs and Parking Areas

Concrete slabs are often used for the purpose of dumpster enclosures, bicycle racks, patron seating, as well as waiting areas. These slabs are reinforced with wire-mesh or fiber-mesh to increase their longevity, strength, and durability, and have a wide range of applications.

Concrete slabs are different from concrete sidewalks in that they are not necessarily for pedestrian use and tend to bear a much heavier load than sidewalks. Concrete slabs also are commonly made from concrete with a higher PSI than sidewalks.

Concrete Slabs are important because they act as the foundation for heavier objects which cannot be supported by asphalt or the existing material.

Concrete Ramps, Separators and Stairs

AllPaving also offers a variety of miscellaneous structures that complement and are required at many sites that include concrete ramp, separators, stairs, and parking lot dividers. The proper construction and maintenance of these features are critically important to the viability and appearance of your site.

If concrete entrance ramps or loading areas are damaged, it will prevent the entrance of vehicles to important areas and interrupt a smooth workflow. Like all concrete, these structures are made by pouring concrete into specially designed forms until the concrete cures.

For new concrete structures, engineered drawings may be used to ensure the proper dimensions and structural support is provided to ensure both integrity and durability.

Concrete Sidewalks

AllPaving also fixes and produces commercial, residential, and municipal walkways aimed at providing safe and increased foot traffic. These structures are formed and poured to specifications that are provided by engineers.

Concrete sidewalks are important because they form the majority of pedestrian walkways along parking lots and roadways. It is important that these walkways remain free of trip hazards and other liabilities at all times to ensure that they are safe to use. The first step in installing sidewalks is determining the thickness and excavating the area to the required depth.

The area is then properly compacted, and if necessary, additional limerock may be brought in to provide a suitable base layer. Once the area is prepped for new concrete, forms are built in the requisite size for the new sidewalks to be built upon. Wire mesh may be installed if required for increased strength.