Striping (Pavement Markings)

Striping your parking garage or lot is an important step in the development process that helps the users of the parking lot or garage navigate the lot properly and maintain a smooth flow of traffic. 

Striping (Pavement Markings)

It is also required in order to keep up with the local and federal regulations.

AllPaving has years of experience providing complete striping services that will put the finishing touches on your new lot and also be perfectly aligned with the regulations that are required.

Sealcoated parking lot with symmetric parking yellow lines and ADA services

Why Is Striping Important?

Striping is critical because it allows you to maintain a pleasing aesthetic to your clients. It is also important to help prevent unnecessary hazards by directing traffic around your parking facility correctly and efficiently. We assist in keeping your parking lot stripes well defined such as pedestrian crosswalks, stop bars, stop legends, parking stalls, numbered parking stalls, disabled parking, loading zone areas, arrows, red fire-lane curbs, visitor loading zones, no parking zones, and more.

Your parking lot is one of the first things your clients and visitors will notice upon entering your site. By keeping your parking facility visually defined you can demonstrate to your clients and uses that the property owner emphasizes quality, is concerned with keeping the site up to codes, and is providing a safe environment to drive in.

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How Is Striping Performed ?

Striping is easily installed using our specialized striping devices.

Once the lot is cleaned of all debris and the striping to be done is planned and outlined, the striping machine is handled by one of our highly trained technicians.

Once all of the striping and marking are laid down, it only takes 24-48 hours for the markings to dry and the lot ready to be used.

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