Pedestrian Concrete Sidewalks

All Paving also fixes and produces Commercial, Residential & Municipal walkways aimed at providing safe and increased foot traffic. These structures are formed and poured to engineering specifications.

What are Concrete Sidewalks?

Concrete Sidewalks are 4" or 6" (depending on whether or not they also support vehicular traffic) thick concrete slabs formed and poured in square or rectangular flags. These flags tend to be 4-6' wide and long, separated by expansion or control joints that allow for the natural growth and contraction of concrete due to heat and the elements. Sometimes sidewalks are reinforced with wire mesh for added tensile strength.


Why are Concrete Sidewalks Important?

Concrete Sidewalks are important because they form the majority of pedestrian walkways along parking lots and roadways.

It is important that these walkways remain free of trip hazards and other liabilities at all time to ensure the safety of those who use them.

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