Concrete Ramps, Separators, and Stairs


What are Miscellaneous Concrete Structures?

Miscellaneous Concrete Structures consists of ramps, stairs, parking lot dividers, and other permanent fixtures in a parking lot. Concrete Ramps (not to be confused with ADA Handicap Ramps) are usually found near loading zones or at access points from roadways. Concrete Stairs may be found at property entrances or in clubhouse parking lots. Parking Lot Dividers help segregate  large parking areas into lanes or sections.

Why are Miscellaneous Concrete Structures Important?

Properly maintained Concrete Structures are essential to the usability of a parking area. A damaged Concrete Ramp, for example, may prevent the entrance of vehicles to a parking area, or delay the delivery of goods in a loading area. A damaged Parking Lot Divider may create a liability if it interferes with pedestrian traffic, or may support a light pole or other fixture which could then topple over. Concrete Stairs in the entry of a property must be in good working condition to prevent trip hazards.

How are Miscellaneous Concrete Structures Installed of Repaired?

Like all concrete, these structures are poured into specially designed forms until the concrete cures, or hardens. For repairs, the damaged areas are saw-cut using a professional grade wet-saw, and the materials are all hauled off and properly disposed of. The reason for the damage is assessed and addressed, and new concrete is installed.

For new Concrete Structures, engineered drawings may be used to ensure the proper dimensions and structural support is provided. The base area may need prepping before installation, and then forms will be built and new concrete installed. Once the concrete cures, the forms are removed and the surface may be broom-finished or left natural