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Maintenance of Parking Lots in Auto Dealerships

Parking lot maintenance takes care of one of the most important aspects of every business: Customer traffic. One of the main industries that has to be in great conditions (both structural and aesthetical) is the car dealership, machinery dealerships, car rentals and equipment rentals. This is because the business model requires heavy traffic on these facilities, as well as lots of people walking in and out which increases the chance of someone tripping, curb breaking, etc.

Although asphalt is a widely used material in parking lot construction, there are other different types of materials and processes used for these facilities such as concrete. Concrete also offers great durability and performance as well. Moreover, if well maintained, it gives the bussines a clean appearance.

Concrete has an advantage over asphalt, because it can be more personalized and when used with other materials such as epoxics the surface will look extremely attractive to customers. Keep reading to learn about the advantages and recommendations for each material, especially when used for auto malls and car dealerships.

The material of which the parking lot is made of plays an important role when it comes to preventive maintenance tasks. Moreover, how heavy vehicle traffic is on the bussines parking lot will also determine how frequently there is a need for maintenance. When there is heavy traffic there is a bigger chance for issues such as potholes, asphalt cracks, broken curbs and trip hazards.

By doing a preventive maintenance checklist, business owners and property managers make sure there is no need for expensive repairs and replacements, as well as staying compliant with city and county requirements. Also, it is important to mention that cleaning is fundamental to maintain the surface in good shape. You may contact a company to remove those unsightly debris and nondesire elements. A routine parking lot sweeping service will remove abrasive dirt, sand, and other grit known to shorten the life of your parking area material such as pavement, striping, and seal coating.

Even though it could be time consuming and perhaps even confusing at the beginning, a preventive maintenance plan or several preventive maintenance programs are in our opinion the best way to protect critical assets, every piece of equipment and the parking lot surface material (no matter what the material is), making it more attractive for potential customers and also making it better for existing employees.

By doing a preventive maintenance checklist, business owners and property managers make sure there is no need for expensive repairs and replacements, as well as staying compliant with city and county requirements.



Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance

Concrete widely used in car dealerships parking areas because this material provides greats resistance in order to withstand the heavy trailers that carry and deliver several vehicles at a time. Depending on whether the dealerships sell new vehicles or pre-owned vehicles, the frequency with which maintenance is required.

This is because pre-owned cars sometimes have oil leaks, which could end up staining the surface and damaging it. Crude oil and spilled oil usually come from equipment failures that happen most of the times due to negligence of scheduled maintenance on equipment: this shows us there are different types of preventive maintenance.

Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance

One of the reasons why asphalt parking lots are so popular in pre-owned car dealerships and other commercial facilities, is because the black surface has the ability to cover up oil spillage or leaks easier than a concrete surface. Furthermore, Asphalt parking lots can be given a new look by simply sealcoating the parking lot every few years.

On the other hand, it is recommended to monitor the maintenance of parking lots in order to carry out preventive maintenance without having to reach the reactants that could add over cost to the project or enlarge the budgeted time. Furthermore, if you are thinking of repairing a parking area, it is important to keep in mind that it is more beneficial to work on a large area in order to obtain a better cost service proportion.

Despite of what material the parking lot is made of, the conditions of it and the overall appearance of the facility (cleanliness and organization). For instance, a dark pavement surface that is free of cracks, bumps and uneven surfaces is more appealing to customers because this shows care and responsibility. These details definitely make a difference and are achieved by putting together a property Preventative Maintenance that encompasses all the aspects around property appearance. We suggest working hand on hand with an asphalt paving and maintenance contractor.

Finally, besides the good property appearance of the parking lot, it is important to maintain the parking area in excellent conditions, because if the ground is damaged accidents could occur to both cars that are in inventory and customer vehicles, as well as to pedestrians tripping.

This can turn into significant losses of both the cars that are for sale or, have problems with customers since they may file a lawsuit for not having the necessary conditions for safe pedestrian traffic in the parking area, as well as leaving a bad impression on them, decreasing sales.

That is why it is important to put together a proper maintenance strategy because it is cheaper than refilling cracks and sealing the pavement constantly than repairing a specific portion due to negligence of the property manager.

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