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Why Does Asphalt Pavement Crack?

By: Daren AllPaving May 22, 2019

It is important to understand why pavement cracks in order to best address the problem and enact corrective measures before the problem gets worse.

pavement cracked asphaltOver time, weather and pressure can cause cracks to any pavement surface, but if your asphalt is installed correctly under the guidance of industry veterans, the surfaces lifespan and fortitude can be greatly enhanced.

There are multiple factors that contribute to wear and tear on asphalt services.

Over time, sun and weather exposure, as well as consistent pressure from vehicles, can contribute to damage and cracks developing on your asphalt surface. In cold weather areas, frost heave is a common issue due to the formation of ice underneath the surface which results in cracking of the asphalt and might lead to accidents on the road.

In addition, if the foundation was not constructed correctly and at perfect industry standard, it is much more susceptible to developing cracks and losing its new appearance at a much faster rate.

Some of the main factors that cause structurally compromised asphalt surfaces include:

  • Improper thickness
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Uneven base layer
  • Weakened paver seams

If the initial construction of the pavement was not measured and executed properly, the longevity of the asphalt is greatly reduced and can cause cracks to develop within months of installation.

How To Identify the Cause of Damage

AllPaving is able to provide professional evaluations of your asphalt surface and determine what exactly is causing any cracks or damage to your lot. We will examine high-stress areas and attempt to identify potholes, uneven surfaces, and evaluate the foundation layer to ensure it was installed at the correct thickness and level.

If problems are identified, we will offer multiple plans of corrective action to bring your lot up to industry standards and restore its brand new appearance while also improving the longevity and structural integrity of the asphalt.

asphalt parking lotIf your parking lot has neglected routine maintenance of any cracks or uneven surfaces that develop, the deterioration of the asphalt will happen much faster.

More cracks form due to uneven pressure and seams continue to become more apparent if left unattended to or if they are installed incorrectly.

This makes it very important to address any issues you identify in your lot quickly before the problem becomes larger and requires more expensive construction and repair.

Trust professionals to ensure your foundation is correctly installed, the pavement is the correct thickness, and that the lot is maintained well and taken care of properly in order to maximize its lifespan and minimize cracks and damage.

The AllPaving Difference

AllPaving specializes in providing asphalt repair and maintenance services. Our staff has years of professional experience properly installing and repairing asphalt at the highest quality standards while maintaining excellent customer service and affordable pricing.

We understand that not all projects require complete renovation and offer simple repair services such as sealcoating, asphalt milling, and asphalt overlays to help remedy any structural damage your lot may have incurred over the years without tearing out the foundation.

If you have identified damage and wear on your asphalt areas, do not hesitate to reach out before the problem develops to something worse and costs you much more to repair.

We can help you identify the root cause of any asphalt damage and deterioration your lot may be experiencing and help you fix your asphalt correctly, efficiently, and on budget.

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