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Five Safety Awareness Tips for Asphalt Paving…

Here are five tips that you can easily print out and give to your crew. Encourage them to read it daily. You never know when it could save a life.

  1. Take Care When Getting On and Off Equipment.

Did you know that getting on and off the machine is the number one cause of injury to equipment operators, forklift drivers and truck drivers?

  1. Don’t Let People Crowd the Work Area.

Ask any roller operator what their biggest headache is and they will tell you without hesitation – people on the ground crowding the machine.

  1. Overhead/Buried Obstructions.

Be aware of overhead obstructions and underground utilities, including electrical lines, water, sewer, gas, telecom, etc.

  1. Loading/Unloading Equipment.

Use a spotter for guidance. Make sure the machine clears the ramps before turning. Keep people away from the sides of the machine during loading/unloading.

  1. Properly Secure Paving Area.

We don’t want your crew to be a headline for an accident. Take time to review safety with your crew daily. You can never talk about it enough.

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