New Asphalt Paving

Our experience with new road and parking lot/driveway construction—for both commercial and residential communities—has provided us with the proficiency to handle all tasks related to asphalt paving. When it comes to building new roads and parking lots we are your premiere Asphalt Construction firm.


What is New Asphalt Paving?

New Asphalt Paving is the process of turning an existing non-asphalt surface into a paved surface suitable for driving or parking. These areas might currently be grass, rock, concrete, paver bricks, or some other material.

Why is New Asphalt Paving Important?

New Asphalt Paving is important because it allows you to expand your parking lot or roadway to increase traffic or available parking spaces. Regardless of your reason for wanting additional asphalt on your property, All Paving has the experience and knowledge to create a properly constructed asphalt surface for your needs.

How is New Asphalt Paving Performed?

Depending on the existing conditions of the area where new asphalt is to be performed, the current materials may either be saw-cut and removed or excavated to the proper depth of the new materials to be installed. The sub-base layer is then properly compacted prior to any new materials being brought in. Once the sub-base layer achieves the correct compaction, DOT approved limerock is trucked in and installed. This limerock is then compacted and graded to form the appropriate base for the new asphalt.

Once the limerock is prepped for paving, a layer of DOT approved tack coat is applied to the surface which ensures asphalt adhesion. After the tack coat is applied, hot mix asphalt is loaded into the paver and laid down by the crew in an even layer thicker than the desired depth. The asphalt is then compacted with a vibratory roller to the proper thickness, and finished with a rubber tire roller which creates a smooth and even surface.