New Asphalt Paving

Our experience with new road and parking lot/driveway construction—for both commercial and residential communities—has provided us with the proficiency to handle all tasks related to asphalt paving. When it comes to building new roads and parking lots we are your premiere Asphalt Construction firm.


Getting new asphalt paving done is a great way to turn a dated and worn down lot into a fortified and like-new paved surface.

new asphalt paving services

If your lot is currently:

  • grass,
  • rock,
  • concrete,
  • paver bricks,
  • or an aged surface with cracks,

AllPaving can help turn it into a strong and smooth surface that will not only last you for years but will give you a professional looking lot for your business.

The experience and track record of AllPaving can give you peace of mind knowing that your project is in good hands and will be built correctly and to top industry standards.

What is Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt paving is the process of re-purposing or installing new layers of pavement in the form of concrete or asphalt in order to provide a surface for driving and parking.

In today’s day and age, it is important to make sure the lot your business resides on has pavement that is free of cracks, uneven bumps, and does not appear dark, smooth, and compact.

The difficulty with asphalt paving comes from ensuring the proper steps are taken to ensure that the layers are laid properly and will provide the support and endurance that a good pavement layer requires. Asphalt paving is very important to make your business approachable and easy for customers and collaborators to visit.

How New Asphalt Paving is Done

The manner in which the pavement is replaced depends on the condition that it is currently in.

new asphalt preparation services There are a couple different methods that include the saw-cutting or completely excavating the site.

This is done to make sure that the foundation layer is properly level and compacted before the new materials are placed on top of it.

This is a critical step that ensures that the pavement sits properly and lasts for years to come.

Once the foundation layer is solidified and achieves the correct level of compaction, DOT approved limerock is trucked in and installed. This limerock functions as the new base foundation that is compacted and graded to form the appropriate base for the new asphalt.

Once the limerock is prepped for paving, a layer of DOT approved tack coat is applied to the surface which ensures asphalt adhesion and a level surface. After that a hot mix asphalt is loaded into the paver and laid down by the crew.

This is done by creating an even layer that is slightly thicker than the desired depth so that the pavement has increased strength and is smooth to drive on. The asphalt is then compacted with a vibratory roller to the proper thickness and flattened with a rubber tire roller which creates a smooth and even surface.

As a business owner, understanding how this process should be properly done is critical to ensuring that the job is done to standards and has the durability to last on your site for a long time.

If any of the above-mentioned steps are not done correctly and your base layer is uneven upon laying the new pavement, cracks will begin to form quickly, the surface will not appear clean, and it will not feel smooth.

Do not rely on construction teams that do not walk you through this process and if you notice any of these steps are missing, understand that your pavement will not appear very clean nor be very durable. Having well-crafted pavement layers is important for any business’ land and will help your site look and feel professional.

Trust our professional team here at AllPaving to provide you with industry-compliant pavement solutions as well as a friendly team that will guide you through the process and makes the process painless and easy.