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Paver Brick Repairs

What are Paver Brick Repairs?

Over time, it is natural for the surface of paver bricks to become damaged. Through normal wear and tear, as well as weather and the environment such as tree roots, paver bricks may become lifted or sunk from their original placements, creating a trip hazard. In addition, the bricks themselves may become cracked, chipped or be completely missing. Paver Brick Repairs helps restore any Paver Brick walkway, crosswalk, or road back to it’s freshly installed look

Why are Paver Brick Repairs Important?

Paver Brick Repairs are important because they help eliminate any liabilities associated with disjointed pedestrian surfaces. In addition, many paver bricks are installed in a decorative pattern. Repairs help maintain the original design created during installation

How are Paver Brick Repairs Performed?

Paver Bricks are installed on a bed of sand. The two types of sand are regular sand and polymeric sand. Polymeric sand is a slightly more coarse sediment which has additional polymers added to it. These polymers react with water to form a binding agent which can then seal off the seams between pavers. The first step to a successful Paver Brick repair is lifting and removing and damaged pavers, as well as lifting and setting aside any pavers which have sunk or been lifted. If the pavers were lifted and sunk due to tree roots, the roots may be saw-cut and removed or ground down using a stump grinder. Next, the sand beneath the pavers is addressed. Depending on which type of sand was used during the original installation, new sand is added and compacted creating a suitable surface for the pavers to be reinstalled. The pavers are set and then more sand is added between the seams of the pavers which helps seal them in place

It is important that when pavers are initially installed that an extra pallet or two is bought and kept in storage. Many colors and styles of pavers come in and out of availability and replacing broken ones may be difficult without extras on hand

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