Hurricane Relief

All Paving is proud to announce that we now offer limited hurricane relief services, including debris management, removal, and disposal. We are more than ready to aid you and your company through these difficult and stressful situations.

Our Process

  • 1 Debris collection – Our operators will utilize the heavy machinery and other tools in our possession to locate and collect all debris from your property. This includes, but is not limited to, vegetative debris, construction debris, and general household garbage. We will direct our efforts towards the vital areas of your property first, such as roads and building entrances, to ensure your business can continue operating as soon as possible.
  • 2 Debris segregation – This step is of the utmost importance, and must be completed prior to debris removal. It involves separating the debris into predetermined categories, to ensure every bit of debris is brought to the correct disposal facility. The categories of debris include vegetative debris, construction debris, general household garbage, and electronics.
  • 3 Debris removal – Once the debris has been properly segregated and categorized, our operators will then load it into our debris removal trucks. If certain articles of debris are too large to fit in the dump bed, our operators will cut or break them down to the necessary sizes.
  • 4 Debris disposal – Once the trucks are properly loaded and secured, we will complete a final sweep to ensure nothing has been left behind. After we determine the area is clear and safe to use, we will deliver each portion of debris to its proper disposal facility.


Why We Do It

As proud members of the Florida community, we fully understand how devastating the impact of hurricanes and other natural disasters can be. Our personal experiences of dealing with catastrophe fallout and the love we possess for our Florida neighbors is precisely what led us to begin practicing our hurricane relief process. If you’ve been affected by natural occurrences beyond your control, please consider this specialized service.