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asphalt sealcoating

Seal-coating Weather & Drying Time.

Seal-coating Weather & Drying Time.

The all time favorite question: How long does it take to dry??

Let’s talk weather first.

Weather Conditions:

  • Sealer should not be applied unless pavement temperature is at least 50F° (10C°) and the air temperature is 50F° (10C°) and rising.
  • Sealer should not be applied during rainy or wet weather, or when rain is anticipated within eight hours after application is completed.
  • Sealer should not be applied to hot surfaces under the summer sun (over 90F°, ambient) without first cooling the surface with clean water. Water should dampen the surface without leaving puddles.
  • Since an emulsion may be damaged by freezing, it should be protected at all times when the temperature drops below 40F° (4C°).


Drying Time:

The final coat must be allowed to dry a minimum of eight hours of good daylight drying conditions before opening to traffic, and initially cure enough to drive over without damage to the sea-lcoat.

If marginal weather conditions exist during this eight hour drying time, additional time will be required. In some cases this could exceed 24 hours.

Check the surface after this for traffic-ability before opening it to vehicle traffic.

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