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Parking Lots Maintenance in Car Dealerships

By: Daren AllPaving June 30, 2019

Maintaining a parking lot is all about keeping up with your properties' traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. One of the hardest commercial facilities to keep up with are Auto Malls and Dealerships. These facilities are frequented by thousands of potential buyers driving their cars onto the lot as well as the dealers stocking hundreds of vehicles in inventory that are moved on and off the dealership lot throughout the year.

Auto mall parking lots are either asphalt or concrete. The parking lot surface material will determine the maintenance that is required to keep the facilities' appearance at a premium. For a property manager to keep up with the preventative maintenance of their facility, first they need to understand how to keep up with their facility. One paving and parking lot maintenance firm that specializes in these plans (also known as Property Audits)in Florida is All Paving and Sealcoating. With locations in Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter and Naples they serve some of the largestdealerships throughout the state.

Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance: Concrete Parking lots are very common in dealerships because concrete has the ability to withstand the heavy tractor-trailer loads carrying and delivering multiple vehicles at a time. Depending on whether the dealerships sells new or pre-owned vehicles will dictate how much maintenance is required. The four largest maintenance issues auto malls must stay on top of is (1) Pressure Cleaning/ Clear Coating the surface, (2) Curbing, (3) Sidewalks, and (4) ADA Compliance. Because concrete parking lots show oil stains and other spillage more easily than asphalt parking lots, concrete parking lots need to be pressure cleaned and clear coated at least once a year. The second most common problem in dealerships' parking lots is broken curbing, since vehicles are constantly running into the curbing and causing damage. Moreover, sidewalks are also a frequent repair at dealerships because of the high-volume of foot traffic. Lastly, dealerships have to make sure they accommodate all guests and customers and meet federal regulations in terms of handicap parking stalls, ramps, and guard rails.

Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance: Although these parking lots are less frequent in dealerships selling new vehicles they are very common in used car dealerships. One of the reasons why asphalt parking lots are so popular in used car dealerships is because the black surface has the ability to cover up spillage such as oil leaks very easily. Furthermore, Asphalt parking lots can be given a new look by simply sealcoating the parking lot every few years.

Regardless of the parking lot surface or structure, the everyday appearance and success of a dealership is dependent on a great property appearance. This starts with Preventative Maintenance geared around the game plan provided by a quality parking lot maintenance firm and contractor.

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  1. It sure piqued my interest when you said that regular and preventive maintenance is required to maintain a quality parking lot paving material. I think businesses would be able to take advantage of this maintenance program to make sure that they create quality service to their customers and make a lasting impression. This would allow for smooth and better parking for both the customers and the employees.

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