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Miami / Fort Lauderdale

All Paving gets the job done.

Servicing the Miami Dade County and Monroe County areas.

All Paving Provides Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Milling, Overlays and Asphalt repairs.  We also specialize in Concrete Sidewalks, Curbing, ADA Ramps and Paver Bricks.

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Miami / Fort Lauderdale: 954-688-9600

 Licensed and Insured: U-22269, 17-3B-20871-X, 31362, MC1800090,23233,C-11328, CDPR230, 20A-3A-21893-X, PG19-00183, 23420-15207

Miami / Fort Lauderdale: 


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New Asphalt Paving

We can transform your pavement into a durable, smooth surface, providing you with a professional looking lot for your business.

Asphalt Overlay

An ecologically friendly and simple way to obtain a sleek appearance without having to completely re-purpose your foundation.

Asphalt Repair

We have the expertise and resources to help prevent wear and tear - whether it be from standing water, chemical spills, or root damage.


Sealcoating and striping are the perfect finishing touches for any site and help it to be clean, new, and ready for use.

Asphalt Milling

Removes old asphalt while keeping the previous foundation. This is a resourceful way to improve parking lots in a cost-efficient manner.


We offer a variety of concrete projects including concrete parking lot curbs, slabs, ramps, sidewalks, staircases, and parking lots.

Service Areas

In the Sunshine State, Miami / Fort Lauderdale asphalt parking lots, driveways and roads take a consistent beating from the Florida heat.

This is why it’s important to know how to manage the asphalt on your property to get the most out of an ecological and economical paving solution.

For Florida property owners and managers, it’s important to know how to find the right asphalt paving company with a proven history of success, licensed & insured and all-inclusive asphalt paving solutions for your unique needs.

This helps stretch your budget whether you need a new parking lot design for a new property build, a simple relining, new asphalt laying or just an overlay over the top of your current lot.

Aesthetic Benefits of Re-Paving a Parking Lot

Pulling into a parking lot that has been freshly paved and has clean lines is a sign of a thriving establishment.

On the other hand, driving on a bumpy, uneven lot that is filled with cracks and potholes is a sign that a business doesn’t take care of itself or its customers.

From the new and fresh feel of a well maintained lot to the green and vibrant look of a parking lot with superior design work, aesthetic is important to the success of your business.

Why Should I Repave my Lot?

In both property management and business ownership, the bills can quickly pile up. Finding a way to efficiently manage your property is critical to continuing the growth and success of your personal finances. So when it comes to making decisions regarding your parking lot, driveways and roads that fall within your property limit, some property owner may see these types of expenses as extraneous.

The fact is, Miami / Fort Lauderdale locals have a high-standard for aesthetic and overall business performance and excellence. If you cut corners as a business owner, you may quickly be overlooked by your regular and perspective patrons.

Repaving a Parking Lot

Faulty asphalt driveways, roads and parking lots make for serious liability risks.

From customers tripping in your parking lot, to car damage, if you don’t regularly maintain or repair your asphalt pavement, you leave yourself vulnerable to a personal injury or property damage lawsuit.

In addition to legal ramifications, poorly paved lots are simply a deterrent for both customers and employees. Why jeopardize your car by driving on a neglected parking lot if you don’t have to?


Miami / Fort Lauderdale Parking Lot Pavers

Having a reliable asphalt paving contractor in Miami / Fort Lauderdale can make all the difference when managing your property. From helpful guidance on how to design and maintain your roads, driveways and parking lots, to having the full-service capabilities to execute upon any and all lot maintenance needs a business owner may have, make sure your Miami / Fort Lauderdale paving company has what you need.

When it comes to parking lots, there’s a lot of considerations that a property owner may not be aware of.

From reflective pavement markers for night time use to ADA compliance, how your asphalt parking lot is executed truly matters to your property’s overall function.

With Miami / Fort Lauderdale's year-round sunny weather, it’s also critical to take protective measures to sustain the longevity of your asphalt lot. Have your paving contractor cover your lot in asphalt sealcoating to protect your investment.

Asphalt Pavers for Roads in Miami / Fort Lauderdale

As roads are required to support vehicles traveling faster than they would in a parking lot or driveway, proper road prep and asphalt laying is critical. If done poorly, roads may not drain thoroughly, lanes may be uneven and roads can easily crack, forcing drivers to endure subpar driving conditions.

In order to give drivers a safe and smooth driving experience, work with proven Miami / Fort Lauderdale paving professionals that can handle your asphalt road project quickly and affordably.

Parking Garage Asphalt Paving

Looking to turn your Miami / Fort Lauderdale lot into an active and thriving parking garage?

You need to find the right paving company that can effectively and efficiently handle a project of this capacity. From generating the lines to properly direct traffic and maximize the capacity of your garage to managing the upkeep of the asphalt covering a large parking garage, a quality Miami / Fort Lauderdale paving contractor can make all the difference.

Parking garages serve a simple purpose. This means that the quality of your asphalt pavement and lines means everything to your garage’s success. Miami / Fort Lauderdale locals maintain a high standard for their vehicles. If your garage is full of potholes and cracks, drivers will simply choose another location to park their cars.

Lifespan of Asphalt Pavement in Florida

With year-round heat and sunshine, asphalt pavement lots endure regular exposure to the elements. Luckily, asphalt is a resilient and durable material capable of lasting for years and years with little upkeep.

By relying on a quality Miami / Fort Lauderdale asphalt paving contractor, you ensure that your lot is paved correctly in order to avoid costly cracks, bumps and breaks. Whether it’s a thorough and clean milling job, or the execution of your pavement laying, an even and flat paving job is less susceptible to damage.

However, it is important to work closely with your local Miami / Fort Lauderdale asphalt paving company to tend to your lot regularly to maximize its lifespan. Sealcoating your asphalt parking lot, driveway or road will keep it in top form for 20+ years.

Parking Lot Design

The main function of a parking lot is clear. However, how your parking lot is designed can also serve as a great functional element to your property. You can work with your contractor or rely on them to create a uniquely designed parking lot for your business. The design can maximize parking capacity, or include spaces for colorful and fresh greenery.

Along with your storefront, your parking lot will be your customers’ first impressions of your property. By working with a trusted Miami / Fort Lauderdale paving company, you ensure that your prospective customers’ first experiences with you are good ones.

Completed Projects in Following Locations

2100 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

1611 NW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33136

900 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132


253 NE 2nd St, Miami, FL 33132



1600 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33132


2451 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33129


3402 Franklin Ave, Miami, FL 33133


325 S Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33131


1060 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131


90 SW 3rd St, Miami, FL 33130



Asphalt vs. Concrete Parking Lots

The first step in choosing to pave your Miami / Fort Lauderdale lot is deciding which material you will be the foundation of your surface. Both asphalt and concrete offer considerable benefits for Miami / Fort Lauderdale business owners. However, they aren’t interchangeable and both offer unique advantages over the other. In order to make an informed decision on asphalt paving and concrete paving, here is a quick rundown of their individual advantages:

Asphalt Parking Lots

  • Asphalt is a more affordable material to work with
  • Asphalt parking lots typically only take 2 days to prep, lay and set
  • You can recycle asphalt, making it a greener, more sustainable material
  • Water can seep through asphalt, making drainage easier
  • Little maintenance is required, but yearly sealcoating is highly recommended
  • With the proper care, asphalt parking lots can last 20+ years

Concrete Parking Lots

  • Concrete parking lots will have a greater upfront cost
  • Concrete is a more durable substance that will hold up better in the heat
  • Concrete parking lots require less maintenance than asphalt parking lots
  • Installation of a concrete parking lot typically takes 7+ days
  • If you choose concrete for your lot, you can expect it to last up to 20 to 30 years

Miami / Fort Lauderdale Asphalt Paving and ADA Compliance

In order to accommodate all of your potential visitors, you will want to ensure that your lot is ADA compliant. Depending upon your lot’s size and shape, you will want/need to factor in the right number of ADA compliant parking spaces.

The right paving company in Miami / Fort Lauderdale can provide the all-in-one services to pave, line and concrete your property to create the space and ramps necessary to accommodate all guests.

Frequently asked questions about asphalt paving contractors in Miami / Fort Lauderdale

How do I ensure I’m working with a trusted paving contractor?

Anytime you hire a contractor that you have not worked with before, it can feel like an expensive experiment. Here are few things to look for to take away some of the mystery from your new contractor hire:

  1. Quality reviews - True reviews of customer experiences can give you insight of what it is like working with a paving company before you invest your own money.
  2. Previous work - Drive on some of the roads and parking lots that this contractor has paved to see their quality for yourself.
  3. License and insurance - Reputable contractors will have the proper licensing and insurance. The lack of either of these is a sign of a cut rate contractor.

How can I save money on my paving project?

If you’re a business owner in Miami / Fort Lauderdale and you know you need to improve your parking lot, you don’t immediately have to pay for a complete redesign. Some smaller improvements or budget saving steps you can take to lower the cost of your asphalt paving project are:

  • Repair - From potholes to cracks, not all damage requires a complete re-pave job. By filling in and repairing your lot, you can save money.
  • Milling - Taking away the previous asphalt surface while maintaining the existing foundation, allows for a fresh, flat new surface to be made without having to lay new cement. This is an important step that removes uneven surfaces from impacting the new pavement that is layed, maximizing your investment.
  • Overlay - If you have a nice, flat surface to work with, you don’t have to pay for milling or a complete paving contract. This means, you can save big on your property management expenses with an effective overlay project.
  • Restriping - If there is nothing functionally wrong with your lot, you may just need a simple restriping. Relining your lot can make it look like new for prospective customers.
  • Pressure washing - Similarly to restriping, by simply cleaning your lot, it can have the effect of a complete repaving by taking years of dirt off of your lot.
  • Sealcoating - You can save money by taking preventative measures in maintaining your asphalt lot. By spraying your lot with protective sealcoating, you extend its performance and avoid the likelihood of cracks in your asphalt.

Will I have to hire multiple contractors to completely redesign my parking lot?

Some Miami / Fort Lauderdale paving contractors may just specialize in either concrete or asphalt, or flat lots. Others give you an all-in-one plot management solutions. These companies provide anything you could need to line, direct and separate your parking, driving and walking spaces, including:

  • Complete parking lot design
  • Striping
  • Concrete separators
  • Curbs
  • Ramps and stairs
  • Sidewalks
  • Milling
  • Overlay
  • Signage
  • Reflective markings
  • Asphalt paving and repairs
  • Concrete paving and repairs
  • Sealcoating
  • Pressure washing for parking lots

Can I receive a quote before I commit to an asphalt paving company?

With most asphalt paving companies in Miami / Fort Lauderdale, you can receive a project quote on your asphalt paving project. To receive a reliable quote, stop by allpaving.com or give us a call at (888) 439-7623.

How long will it take to pave a new asphalt parking lot?

Asphalt paving for parking lots in Miami / Fort Lauderdale is a fairly simple process. From prepping the lot to laying down the asphalt, it typically takes 2 days for new asphalt lots to be ready to use.

Work With A Trusted Miami / Fort Lauderdale Asphalt Paving Company 

If you are a property owner in the Miami / Fort Lauderdale area, look no further for your property management solutions than AllPaving.com. All Paving has the complete prep to set solutions for asphalt paving in Miami / Fort Lauderdale. Fully licensed and insured, our team from top to bottom is always committed to the highest level of professionalism.

Our years of experience paving in South Florida helps us provide effective and efficient project work that is capable of lasting for years and years. With a deep understanding of the local climate, we know exactly how to manipulate our material to create lots that are set to perform for years to come, while able to properly handle the heat and drain the rain. Stop by allpaving.com or give us a call at (888) 439-7623 to receive a quote for your asphalt paving project.


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