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Heavy Equipment Operator


  • Discusses plans for the day’s work with field manager, reviews blueprints if necessary and determines best method of getting assigned work done safely, accurately and on time.
  • Adjusts hand levers and depresses pedals to operate equipment and control attachments such as, blades, buckets, scrapers, and swing booms.
  • Performs equipment maintenance duties such as cleaning, greasing and oiling machines.
  • Utilizes actual years of experience in operating equipment in developing a feel for various levers and attachments and in developing skills such as fine grading and cutting slopes.
  • Operates equipment with priority of making the job safe for all persons working around the equipment. Ensures that other workers stay clear of machine while working in tight places and ensures that there is teamwork between self and other operators working at the project site.
  • Make judgments regarding the most efficient operations of equipment and attachments.
  • Must have very good hand, foot and eye coordination to safely operate their equipment
  • Compliance with All Paving, Inc.  Policies including but not limited to.
    • Equipment repair / maintenance procedures and Operator Safety Standards
    • Safety, Safety, Safety!
    • “Home Safe Tonight” and related policies
    • “AIPS”


  • GED / HS Diploma a plus.
  • 2 yrs of equipment operating experience is a necessity.
  • Related work experience is a necessity.
  • Valid Driver’s License required.
  • Requires extensive and heavy physical activity and dexterity.
  • Must be able to operate for long periods of time and to get into awkward positions when cleaning and providing maintenance to the equipment.
  • Requires the ability to stand, walk, reach, kneel, climb or balance.
  • Must be able to carry or handle materials sometimes up to 75 pounds.
  • Requires specific types of vision: close, color, peripheral.
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