Commercial Properties

Ensuring the long-term investment of a Commercial property is driven by the tenants who occupy those premises. It is critical to have proper parking lot maintenance, drainage and ADA Compliance to secure a lease with a quality anchor tenant.

Malls, Shopping Centers and Retail Stores

Any business reliant upon customer appeal cannot afford to neglect their parking lots. Make sure your customers' first impression is not of an unkempt, dilapidated parking facility, but one where they feel safe and comfortable. Ensuring proper parking lot appearance, design and maintenance will help bring your customers back.


All Paving has worked with some of the largest restaurant chains in America. Developing an outstanding reputation in the restaurant industry for maintaining and designing outstanding parking lots, All Paving remains committed to the upkeep of their parking facilities long after their upgrades are completed.

Car Dealerships

Appearance is everything for a car dealership. Make sure your customers walk into a clean, well-maintained and properly cared for facility. All Paving makes sure your dealership's parking lot will not distract any customer from paying attention to your cars.


Banks' parking lots are an essential piece of their business puzzle with the advent of drive-thru ATMs and teller services. All Paving works with banks to keep an open line of traffic with your existing customer base while improving and maintaining the parking lot for future usage.