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How to Pave your Driveway

By: Daren AllPaving June 16, 2019

Paving your driveway can be a demanding job especially if you don’t have an expertise on it. Paving the driveway is a step by step careful process that needs to be done precisely and patiently. If you don’t follow a set of procedure for paving, then you might can spoil the front look of your property which can lead to loss of its value whenever you plan to sell it. A better looking property definitely adds a lot to the image of its owner’s personality and therefore sets a standard in the mind of its guests.

Therefore, in order to perform a step by step guided procedure for designing your pavement, it is important to read ahead this article carefully and take consultation from experts on it:

  1. Design a Blueprint
    1. A blueprint of your paving design is a must to have before going forward to construct it. A slight blunder on your blueprint can cost you thousands of dollars and massive rework in the later stages which will not be a good thing for the structure of your driveway paving.
    2. It is always advisable to consult a paving construction company for designing a blueprint in the initial stages which might not cost that much as compared to its aftermaths. Since All Paving provides consultation services for all your property management needs, we can have someone on board with just a call to take a look at your property.
    3. Make sure your project qualifies all the necessary needs such as adequate drainage for which you should have a slope of at least 1/8" per linear foot (1/4" slope per linear foot is often recommended).
  2. Consult before you proceed
    1. A driveway paving consists of several elements of construction that you might not have an idea about but with the right consultation and advice from an expert, you can always have a good plan to go forward with your pave way.
    2. Most of the times it is possible that there are several amounts of legal regulations that are bound to an area of your property for which you have to adhere to before constructing anything. Hence a good advice is to speak to someone who holds an expertise in the legal parameters of the regulations involved in the construction of your paving.
    3. Also it is advisable to contact your local utilities company before you proceed digging in the ground to ensure that you don't accidentally strike or obtrude any cables or pipes.
  3. Get the material 
    1. Order the Bricks and Concrete material of your choice by going on store or ordering online. Either way, make sure you measure your paving area before purchasing it and always keep a cap of 10% of the area if your design has curves and 5% of area if it doesn’t.
    2.  Most of times you need to keep this extra material because either on a straight line or on a curve, you need to cut some of paving to get the right fit on the slab. The fancier your outline, the more pavers you'll have to cut.

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