What is Thermoplastic?

Thermoplastic is a plastic material made of binder, pigments, filler, and glass beads. The pigment creates the color, glass beads increase retroreflectivity, and the filler adds bulk. The binder is what makes the material tough, flexible, and creates the bond strength to adhere to the pavement surface while holding the other components together. Thermoplastic material comes in a solid block or bags of granular material.


The liquid thermoplastic is then applied to the asphalt or concrete surface and the resins in the thermoplastic bond or “burn in” to the pavement surface. The material dries and cools quickly, allowing roads and parking lots to be open to traffic sooner.

With thermoplastic usually that’s about 100 yards behind the striper where as with other durable markings you might have to go as far as a mile.

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