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Asphalt Contractor Recommendations for Paving

By: Daren AllPaving June 30, 2020

Enhance the appearance of your asphalt with Asphalt Milling!


Milling machine behind blue truck surrounded by trees and smoke

Asphalt Milling consists of removing an old layer of asphalt using a Milling Machine, which will leave the foundation of the road ready for a new layer of asphalt to be laid. This is the first step for giving your property a fresh and professional look, while also making it more accessible and safe for residents and customers.



Asphalt Milling is the ultimate solution for your road!


Asphalt Milling helps ensure that the asphalt will be in great shape for 20+ years!

Some additional benefits of Asphalt Milling are:

  • Control:

One of the most remarkable benefits of this type of service is its precision when only a certain pavement layer needs to be fixed, which helps reduce the amount of pavement removed, minimizing material waste.

  • Speed:

Usually, the asphalt milling process does not take a long time to be done. It comes down to the size of the project, however the yield per day is really remarkable.

Not only this type of procedure saves time, but also saves money and headaches such as traffic disruption.

  • Cost:

One of the greatest benefits is that recycled asphalt millings materials are cheaper than traditional gravel used in paving processes, consequently the whole process will cost less due to savings on spent material.

Moreover, in cost terms, asphalt milling is the best option because it allows to repair small damaged asphalt areas saving costs due to time reduced, workforce and material transport.

That is why we highly recommend to do asphalt milling and solve any paving issues completely, while ensuring that the pavement will last for 20+ years!

Asphalt Milling Over Traditional Gravel


Asphalt milling process

Most of the time people prefer traditional gravel for their paving projects over every other material, however, asphalt milling can offer better results in the same projects with much more benefits compared to traditional materials.

One advantage that asphalt millings have over traditional gravel is its hardness.

Asphalt Millings last longer over the time, giving pavement a better aspect while also having less impact on the environment.

In addition, asphalt millings are remarkably resistant to extreme climatic conditions. This type of asphalt does not get too hot in hot weather and it is harder for the surface to freeze.

Finally, asphalt milling does not require any reinforcements, replacements or resurfacing for extended periods of time. Therefore, you do not need to perform constant maintenance on your property or business due to the ability of the material to become more rigid over time, taking care on its own, rather than cracking like traditional gravel.

Asphalt Milling is Environmentally Friendly


This process makes it possible to reuse the asphalt that is removed from the properties. When the asphalt finishes its life cycle the product is removed, crushed and redistributed as millings and is ready to be used in other paving processes.

This characteristic of the asphalt millings brings numerous advantages in terms of costs. For instance, transportation costs and material costs are lower.

Furthermore, the reduction of the carbon footprint and savings of natural resources and energy during the operation are other contributions of this paving solution.

Asphalt Contractors near me?


If you are looking to add value to your property, attract more customers and make sure your property gives a good first impression as well as staying compliant with city and county requirements, contact an experienced asphalt contractor like All Paving.

Find everything you need to know about asphalt milling and Call us today at 1-888-439-7623, we offer FREE estimates on upcoming projects as well as guidance through the process.


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