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3 Ways to Improve Community Parking Lots

By: Daren AllPaving May 26, 2019

Keeping a clean, well maintained and professional parking area is an important aspect when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction and a good company image.

parking lot in Boca Raton community center

Over time, parking areas can become worn and appear to be damaged, ill-maintained, and lose the new sheen they once had when they were first constructed.

Unfortunately, parking lot degradation is impossible to avoid. Due to time and weather conditions, the existing pavement will eventually begin to wear itself. However, this can be prevented from happening too quickly or in less than expected time.

We do not recommend waiting until there has to be a complete parking lot restoration which most likely will cost a lot of money. Instead, people should get parking lot maintenance with the intention of adopting cheaper solutions that can bring excellent results if they are done on time. 

Additionally, striping and pavement markings can become worn and faded. This makes it harder for guests to navigate your lot which might cause safety concerns and liability issues if left unattended for too long.

There are multiple asphalt paving solutions that can give your parking lot a facelift without the need to renew the entire foundation. That way it is easier to give your community parking area a brand new look while also ensuring it is maintained up to local and state regulations.

Renovation Solutions for Community Parking Lots:

  • Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt overlays are one of the easiest ways to give your lot the new sleek black and smooth look without completely having to do a parking lot asphalt overlay.

asphalt overlay processThis process consists of simply laying down a new 1-3 inch overlay of asphalt on top of the existing layers to provide a fresh and fortified protective layer to your parking area. This method is eco-friendly and cost effective because it requires fewer materials and utilizes the existing foundation while also creating a brand new appearance and professional looking surface.

Before doing an asphalt overlay, asphalt repairs have to be taken care of. Once the cracks and signs of damage are repaired and the foundation is proven to be even, you can quickly and easily have an overlay of asphalt installed.

This method is eco-friendly and cost-effective because it requires fewer materials and utilizes the existing foundation while still creating a like new appearance and surface.

  • Striping

Striping is critical because it allows you to maintain a pleasing aesthetic to your clients while also ensuring that your parking area has a smooth flow of traffic and clear directions for pedestrians and drivers.

It is also important to help prevent unnecessary hazards by directing traffic around your parking facility correctly and efficiently.

asphalt striping on a parking lot

Pavement Markings become worn and hard to read after years of sun and harsh weather exposure, which makes certain signals hard to read and even confusing for drivers and pedestrians.

We will guide you through the process of planning and organizing how your lot will be newly striped and make sure you are guided by top industry professionals with years of experience successfully completing all types of striping and pavement markings projects.

  • Sealcoating

Sealcoating is an asphalt emulsion mixture that consists of a blend of water and an aggregate to create a textured layer that is easily absorbed and blended with the current asphalt pavement layer. This service is a finishing layer that provides extra protection and longevity to an asphalt surface while also giving it a new shine and clean aesthetic.

asphalt sealcoating

This method greatly enhances the lifespan of asphalt surfaces because of the crack sealing effect without the need for a complete renovation of the foundational layer .

Sealcoating can improve the look and durability of your current asphalt lot at a fraction of the price, and also offers a protective coat that will help it resist harsh temperatures and weather conditions over the years.

Using any of these three methods will enhance the appearance and durability of your parking area while also improving customer perception of your business with a sleek new black asphalt appearance and fresh striping lines and signals.

Important Advice

It is extremely important to take care of pedestrians. Since drivers mainly focus on reaching an empty space in the parking lot and are not aware of pedestrians that could be on the side of the road, there is a huge safety hazard for both the driver and the pedestrian. In order to avoid this, it is vital to have visible and well marked crosswalks so pedestrians can move safely and drivers know where pedestrians are at all times.

Also, it is desirable to make a slope between every crossing on the road for ADA compliance standards; this could be done by adding or deleting a step so every person can transit on the sidewalk and, in turn, reduce the speed of each motor vehicle around.

AllPaving is an industry leader in helping improve the look, quality, and longevity of community parking areas and we pride ourselves on being transparent and guiding you along the entire process to ensure you are satisfied with the process and results.

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