Striping Specs & Prep…

Posted on 10/2/18


  1. When laying out parking stalls use at least ten (10) feet wide stalls if possible. (Narrower stalls can result in nicked car doors).
  2. Laying out a parking lot properly should result in good flowing traffic pattern and more parking places.
  3. If there are bad oil spots on the lot, there may be adhesion problems with the new marking where they cross oil spots unless the pavement in these areas are patched.
  4. Striping can be done approximately 3 hours after the sealer is dry to the touch. Time may vary depending on temperature.
  5. The striper applies paint at the approximate rate of 300 lineal feet per gallon.
  6. All lines will be approximately 4 inches wide. They should be straight and uniform.
  7. Paint drying time will vary from 15 minutes to 3 hours.
  8. Nothing brightens up a parking lot roadway more than fresh paint on stripes, pavement markings, and curbs.



  1. Layout markings using guidelines, templates and forms Stencils and templates shall be professionally made to industry standards. “Free hand” painting should never be allowed.
  2. Thoroughly clean surfaces free of dirt, sand, gravel, oil and other foreign matter.
  3. Protect adjacent curbs, walks, fences, and other items from receiving paint.
  4. Verify that the new pavement coatings will be given a minimum of 24 hours to cure with no traffic.