Sidewalk Trip Hazards…

Posted on 10/4/18

A trip hazard is when two concrete sidewalk slabs come to together and one has risen or lowered creating unevenness someone could trip over. This is common occurrence caused by different reasons including tree root growth, ground compaction issues, and weather.  Local government, building owners and property managers are constantly dealing with this safety issue.


There are two ways to fix sidewalk trip hazards:

  1.  Completely dig out the peaked slabs and add new concrete.
    The entire affected area is removed to bare ground, surface is leveled and new concrete slabs are poured. This removal usually includes the two peaked slabs and the surrounding slabs.


  1. Use a Scarifier to level the slabs without removal:
    Just the trip hazard is removed using Scarifier like the EDCO CPM8. The affected slabs are kept and are left with a textured, non-slip surface. The ground underneath is not serviced, but most times ground service is unnecessary.