Have your streets produced a value to you and your community?

Posted on 10/12/18

Concrete pavements can be designed to serve adequately every class of street from a heavily traveled arterial or industrial to a lightly traveled residential.

Performance of a pavement is a measure of how well and how long it serves traffic. It is measured in terms of a serviceability index.

Of special significance to municipal engineers and officials are the data relating to the lighter pavement designs.

In addition to providing for structural design analysis, concrete streets are immune to spring breakups so common to asphalt streets. The beam strength inherent in every slab of concrete distributes traffic loads over wide areas of the subgrade and thus permits passage of heavy loads without disruption of the underlying subgrade.

Neat, well-lit neighborhoods, attract good neighbors and build community spirit. A street is like a home; it is an investment that should last a lifetime. A home well-built of good materials requires little maintenance. Streets should be the same—substantially built of quality materials with little upkeep needed.

Have your streets produced a value to you and your community commensurate with their cost?

-They have if they are concrete!

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