Benefits of Conventional Concrete Parking…

Posted on 10/11/18

Enhanced Safety: Concrete‘s reflective surface means brighter and safer surroundings for pedestrians and drivers.

Reduced Lighting Costs: With three times the reflections of asphalt, concrete parking requires less lighting, reducing costs by up to 30%.

Strength and Durability: No other paving material approaches concrete’s strength and durability in standing up to heavy usage and truck traffic.

Competitive Initial Cost: Without expensive bases and reinforcement, and with integral curbs and gutters, projects can be completed in one pass, more quickly than the alternatives.

Most Economical Over Long Term: Concrete pavement lasts longer, without the need for resurfacing, patching or surface sealing.

Environmentally Friendly: Concrete is produced from abundant natural resources, reduces toxic run-off and can be easily recycled.

It is also cooler in the summer which provides outdoor comfort while reducing the “heat island” effect.

Versatility: Concrete can be fashioned with an array of decorative textures, shapes, patterns and colors.

Upscale Appearance: Concrete’s clean look creates a good first impression and lasting sense of quality for customers, tenants and employees.

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