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Posted on 10/12/18

Concrete pavements can be designed to serve adequately every class of street from a heavily traveled arterial or industrial to a lightly traveled residential. Performance of a pavement is a measure of how well and how long it serves traffic. It is measured in terms of a serviceability index. Of spec...Read More

Posted on 10/11/18

Enhanced Safety: Concrete‘s reflective surface means brighter and safer surroundings for pedestrians and drivers. Reduced Lighting Costs: With three times the reflections of asphalt, concrete parking requires less lighting, reducing costs by up to 30%. Strength and Durability: No other paving ...Read More

Posted on 10/10/18

There’s a good reason why so many of our nation’s roadways are paved with concrete: it is the most durable, economical, and environmentally-friendly of all pavement options. Departments of Transportation and Municipalities choose concrete because it delivers high performance at a low lif...Read More

Posted on 10/9/18

A properly-designed concrete overlay will provide many years of low-maintenance service. Most projects have an expected life cycle of at least 20 years, while some have lasted for as long as 30-40 years. Although concrete has a higher initial cost than asphalt, it lasts much longer and requires less...Read More

Posted on 10/8/18

– Concrete curbs are generally classified as barrier curbs or mountable curbs. Either type can be constructed in many different shapes, depending on regional preferences, purposes and construction costs. – Barrier curbs, also known as straight curbs, resemble the stone slabs used origina...Read More

Posted on 10/5/18

Here are five tips that you can easily print out and give to your crew. Encourage them to read it daily. You never know when it could save a life. Take Care When Getting On and Off Equipment. Did you know that getting on and off the machine is the number one cause of injury […]

Posted on 10/4/18

A trip hazard is when two concrete sidewalk slabs come to together and one has risen or lowered creating unevenness someone could trip over. This is common occurrence caused by different reasons including tree root growth, ground compaction issues, and weather.  Local government, building owners an...Read More

Posted on 10/3/18

Driving along a stretch of asphalt in the dark, you may notice that the road doesn’t seem to get quite as dark as it used to. One reason? Those little reflective bumps along the pavement. Some of these reflectors come in unsurprising colors—red, yellow, white.   What about the blue ones, th...Read More

Posted on 10/2/18

Specs: When laying out parking stalls use at least ten (10) feet wide stalls if possible. (Narrower stalls can result in nicked car doors). Laying out a parking lot properly should result in good flowing traffic pattern and more parking places. If there are bad oil spots on the lot, there may be adh...Read More

Posted on 10/1/18

Seal-coating Weather & Drying Time. The all time favorite question: How long does it take to dry?? Let’s talk weather first. Weather Conditions: Sealer should not be applied unless pavement temperature is at least 50F° (10C°) and the air temperature is 50F° (10C°) and rising. Sealer sh...Read More

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