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Posted on 7/1/14

Paving your driveway can be a demanding job especially if you don’t have an expertise on it. Paving the driveway is a step by step careful process that needs to be done precisely and patiently. If you don’t follow a set of procedure for paving, then you might can spoil the front look of your [&h...Read More

Posted on 6/19/14

It has been a very long time since man first discovered the way of building roads. Ancient roadways were little more than dirt compacted over time by the constant use of foot-traffic and horse-drawn conveyance. Therefore, today’s road construction industry is a massive leap forward with the ne...Read More

Posted on 6/3/14

What exactly is sealcoating? Sealcoating is a process for asphalt akin to painting your house. The asphalt in your driveway can deteriorate due to exposure from the sun, heavy traffic or oil spills. The sealcoating process involves a spray applying an asphalt or coal-tar emulsion to help protect the...Read More

Posted on 4/6/14

Asphalt Overlay An overlay is the paving of a second layer of asphalt over present asphalt. An overlay can be done when the current asphalt is in good state but may have some problem areas. Contingent on the amount of cracking, disintegrating or lower areas, and those areas can be cut out, patched a...Read More

Posted on 2/3/14

Maintaining a parking lot is all about keeping up with your properties’ traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. One of the hardest commercial facilities to keep up with are Auto Malls and Dealerships. These facilities are frequented by thousands of potential buyers driving their cars onto the ...Read More

Posted on 2/2/14

Important Facts for a Good Concrete Sidewalk The key factor in sidewalk longevity is the quality of construction. Even a concrete sidewalk can fail after several years if poor materials are used and good design and construction practices are ignored. First and foremost, be sure to hire a reputable c...Read More

Posted on 12/7/13

ADA Changes to Facilities with Curb Ramps since 2011. First, a public accommodation should take measures to provide access to a place of public accommodation from public sidewalks, parking, or public transportation. These measures include, for example, installing an entrance ramp, widening entrances...Read More

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