Month: October 2018

Posted on 10/29/18

Thermoplastic is a plastic material made of binder, pigments, filler, and glass beads. The pigment creates the color, glass beads increase retroreflectivity, and the filler adds bulk. The binder is what makes the material tough, flexible, and creates the bond strength to adhere to the pavement surfa...Read More

Posted on 10/25/18

Trips Hazards can be a safety issue for your community. Give us a call today so we can help improve the safety and look of your community!  

Posted on 10/24/18

Another day on the job for All Paving as we tackle Milling and Paving for a project in Boynton Beach! Give us a call or check out our website to get more information on how we can better serve you.  

Posted on 10/8/18

– Concrete curbs are generally classified as barrier curbs or mountable curbs. Either type can be constructed in many different shapes, depending on regional preferences, purposes and construction costs. – Barrier curbs, also known as straight curbs, resemble the stone slabs used origina...Read More

Posted on 10/5/18

Here are five tips that you can easily print out and give to your crew. Encourage them to read it daily. You never know when it could save a life. Take Care When Getting On and Off Equipment. Did you know that getting on and off the machine is the number one cause of injury […]

Posted on 10/1/18

Sealcoating Weather & Drying Time. The all time favorite question: How long does it take to dry?? Let’s talk weather first. Weather Conditions: Sealer should not be applied unless pavement temperature is at least 50F° (10C°) and the air temperature is 50F° (10C°) and rising. Sealer sho...Read More

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